A village in South East Derbyshire Stanton By Dale is the setting for our traditional village pub The Stanhope Arms. The village is mentioned in the Doomsday Book from 1086 and is located exactly halfway between Nottingham and Derby as the Crow flies 6.9 miles. Much of the history of the village is tied to the Stanton Ironworks Company and the drawings and narrative on this page are taken from The Iron Dale a book by Victor Lewis produced for the Company in 1959.
There is some evidence that even the Romans knew that the land was rich with Iron and some evidence that they smelted local ores but it was toward the end of the 18th Century that Stanton By Dale became known for its Iron. On the 27th April 1846 Benjamin Smith and his son founded Smith & Son which 31 years later would become The Stanton Ironworks Company Limited.
The Cover drawing of the Iron Dale